Muslims should fight against homosexuality



By Godfrey Olukya 27-10-2012

Muslims allover the world have been called upon to fight against homosexuality because it is very dangerous to society.

The call has been made by Uganda’s supreme Mufti, sheik Zubayiri Kayongo during Eid prayers.

Kayongo said,’We discourage Muslims from getting involved in homosexuality because it is unbecoming. We call upon leaders to ensure that homosexuality is not promoted. Homosexuality is a foreign habit which is condemned by Islam.’

He said that it is a taboo for Muslims to get involved in homosexuality. He said there is need for parents to teach their
children upright religious behavior.

He said that in Uganda there have been efforts to fight against the vice but more efforts need to be put in place. He said there is an anti- gay bill in parliament which is gathering dust in shelves.

He said,’I urge legislators in Uganda to make sure that the anti-gay bill is discussed and passed into law as soon as possible. We should not simply seat and see our children getting spoiled by bad foreign behaviors like homosexuality’

A senior member of Muslim community in Uganda prince Kassim Nakibinge also decried recruitment of youths into the homosexually activities.

Nakibinge said,’I have learnt of students being recruited into homosexuality in some schools. That should be stopped. There is need for government and parents to work collectively to stop the vice in schools.’

There are reports that some organizations in western countries recruit students in secondary schools and universities into homosexuality. The students are reportedly given prizes and money as enticement to get recruited.


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