Somali communities appeal to Uganda not to withdraw her troop



By Godfrey Olukya 5-11-2012

Somali communities in Uganda  have begged  the government of Uganda not to withdraw her troops from peace-keeping mission in their war torn country.

They have fears that if Ugandan troops are withdrawn from Somalia, the country can easily be taken over by the Al-Shabab militants.

There are over 30,000 Somali living in Uganda.16,000 live in Kampala suburbs under Somali community association, while  14,000 live in Nakivale
refugee camp located in western Uganda, 400 kms from Kampala.

Last week Uganda threatened to with draw her troops from peace keeping mission in Somalia after UN Group of experts accused Uganda and Rwanda of supporting M23 revels in democratic republic of Congo.

Uganda referred to the UN Group of experts report  as rubbish and said it was considering  withdrawing her troops from Somalia and other parts in Great lakes region.

Uganda’s prime minister Amama Mbabazi said in a statement, ‘Uganda’s withdrawal from regional peace efforts including Somalia, central African
republic would become inevitable unless the UN corrects the false accusations made against Uganda by bringing out the truth about Uganda’s role in the current regional efforts.

Uganda has over 7000 troops in Somalia. The troops have played a big role
in liberating Mogadishu and other areas in Somalia.

The chairman of Somali community in Uganda, Hassan Hussein said, ‘Some refugees had started going back to Somalia after the AMISOM troops
overpowering Al Shabab militants and sending them out of Mogadishu
and other areas. That has been possible because of Uganda’s troops. If
Uganda pulls out her soldiers, Al-Shabab will re-occupy the country.’

He requested Uganda government to ignore the UN experts report and
continue fighting for for liberation of Somalia people.

A leader of Somali refugees in Nakivale refugee camp, Abbas Frah said, ‘If Ugandan troops leave Somalia abruptly, the Al-Shabab who are currently lying low will rise up and kill many people before taking over power from the militarily weak government in Mogadishu. Uganda should not accept that to take place.’


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