Killers of Muslim clerics in Uganda have been arrested



By Godfrey Olukya    9-11-2012

Police in Uganda has arrested 4 people suspected to have been involved in shooting dead Muslim clerics in the country.

In the last seven months, five senior Muslim clerics have been killed by gun men who shoot  them dead at close range while on motorcycles before they speed off.

The Muslim community in Uganda recently threatened to demonstrate if police does not arrest the killers.

Ironically all those who have been arrested so far are also Muslims including a sheik. They include Muzafalu  Kawule Mugoya,Abdu Rashid Kalangi ,Musa Nabangi and  sheik Shawarudin Baligeya.

They were all arrested in Bugiri district,160 kms east of Uganda’s capital Kampala, where the last incident of killing a Muslim cleric occurred. Most of the people in that district are Muslims.

The area police spokesman, Samson Lubega said, ‘We have started arresting the killers. Our investigations have started yielding results.We will get all the killers soon.’

He said that they are monitoring other people suspected to have been involved in the killings and if they get sufficient information they will arrest them too.

The arrested allegedly connived and shot the last victim, sheik Abubakari Mudango who was returning to his home after conducting evening prayers on the eve of last Idd-el-Fitr in Bwole zone, Bugiri town at 8.00 am.

Mudango was the Imam of Umaru Mosque, which belongs to Salaf Muslim sect.


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