Shia Muslims construct 11 new mosques



By Godfrey Olukya   3-12-2012

The Muslim community of the Shia sect has this year constructed twenty news mosques in various parts of Africa.

The mosques were reportedly constructed by Ahlul Bait Islamic Foundation
which has  mosques  in most of African countries.

One of the community officials, Sheikh Abdu Muthi, said during an interview
in Zanzibar, ‘Our aim is to put in place good  worshiping centers where
followers of Allah can go and pray. We also improve the image of mosques
in poor state.’

He called upon Muslims to always contribute generously towards construction
of places of worship. He also advised them to always help the poor.

He complained about the poor state of some mosques yet people who pray from there can ably raise money to improve on them.

He said, ‘It is appalling that some of the mosques are in very poor state. They are dilapidated. Some do not even have water yet it is a basic requirement at every mosque.’

He said that in some places they have constructed boreholes and also provided public address systems to mosques that required them.


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