Ugandan homosexual flees to save his life



By Godfrey Olukya 10-12-2012

A homosexual man who has reportedly been sodomizing under age boys in
Uganda is on the run after learning that police is hunting for him.

After the police establishing that he has already fled the country, it has requested INTERPOL to help in arresting him in whichever country he is seen.

Police has identified the man on the run as Chris Mubiru.

Local newspapers have in the past few days been running stories and photos of a man sodomizing young boys. Homosexuality in Uganda is capital crime  which can lead to anyone found guilty to be imprisoned for over 10 years.

Uganda media centre director, Fred Opolot issued a statement today indicating that police is hunting for Mubiru. It said, ‘Following recent media reports of a one Chris Mubiru who is alleged to have been sexually abusing minors, Government of Uganda wishes to condemn such acts in the strongest terms possible.’

He said that defilement a punishable offense according to the penal code, section 1, 29 of the Penal Code. Any person who attempts to perform a sexual act with another person who is below the age of 18 years commits an offense and is, on conviction, liable to imprisonment not exceeding 18 years.

He said that the government was appealing to the public who have empirical evidence regarding these heinous acts by Chris Mubiru and others to report to the Police.

Meanwhile, Uganda Police Force has opened a General Inquiry file and is now looking for Mr Mubiru for interrogation.

Police said that it believes Mubiru has escaped to either USA or Canada. According to police, Mubiru stealthily left the country on Saturday morning at 5.00am aboard Turkish Airways number 606 .

Having learnt about his fleeing Uganda Police has sent out a request to INTERPOL to arrest Mr. Mubiru wherever he has escaped to and hand him over to Uganda Police for further interrogation.


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