4 Bulgarians imprisoned in Uganda.



By Godfrey Olukya    19-2012

For trying to steal money from Uganda Stanbic customers, four Bulgarians are to spend 10 years in the country’s prison.

The four Bulgarian men sentenced to imprisonment are Ivan Ganchev Milen Katsarski, Adrian Dimitrov and Anton Ivanov.

They were arrested in Kampala suburb on August 30th 2012. All of them were found in an ATM booth fidgeting with gadgets
as they attempted to withdraw money using fake ATM cards.

‘Court has found you guilty. I sentence each of you to 10 years imprisonment.’ ruled magistrate Julius Borore.

According to prosecution, the 4 men were caught red handed while  trying to steal  money from Stanbic ATM booth in Kampala.

The policemen who arrested them were reportedly alerted by some civilians who reside near the ATM booth. They suspected them after observing that they had stayed in the booth for a long time. fake ATM cards.

Police said that it found them with fake ATM cards in the booth and that on searching their home they found  several gadgets which they used in forging the bank’s customers ATM cards.

Court found them guilty of 33 counts of forgery and accessing computer data without authorization from Stanbic bank.

Presiding magistrate, Julius Borore said in his judgement, ‘The evidence adduced by the state is enough to convict you, the accused. The ATM camera footage exhibits given by witnesses and the evidence of PIN numbers which you attained illegally are outstanding.’

The magistrate also ruled that after serving their terms in prison, they should be deported to their home country, Bulgaria.


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