Days of rebels leader are numbered



By Godfrey Olukya 21-1-2013


The chief body guard of the dreaded LRA rebels commander Joseph Kony has been killed in Central African republic.

The troops hunting for Joseph Kony and his fighters which include those from Uganda, Southern Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African republic claim that that the killing of his body guard shows that his day are numbered.

The killed body guard has been identified as Brigadier Binani who has reportedly also been in charge of logistics, movement of food and abductions.

The joint force spokesman, Colonel Felix Kulayigye said, ‘Binani was killed last Friday in Central African republic 280 kms north of Djema. We had deployed in the area where he was killed after getting intelligence information about his stay with his group in that place.’

He said that the killing of Binani indicates that they are not far from Joseph Kony. He said,’The killing of Binani, the chief body guard of Kony means we are close to capturing his master. We are decimating the command structure of LRA.’

In the last 6 months the troops hunting for Kony have rescued 200 abducted children and women. Most of those rescued have been handed to their relatives.

Joseph Kony and his rebels killed hundreds of people in northern Uganda and led to over 2 million getting internally displaced when they waged war against government troops in late 1980. In early 2000 they were flushed out of Uganda and
they fled to South Sudan.

When Uganda troops pursued them, they fled to Central African republic through Democratic republic of Congo.

Recently, USA president Barack Obama assented to an amended law which offer a cash reward for whoever arrests Kony and his top commanders.


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