Demolition of mosque causes confusion in Uganda

By Godfrey Olukya  25-1-2013

A popular Muslim cleric in Uganda sheik Nuhu Muzata has raised confusion after instructing Muslims to stop paying respect to Buganda kingdom and it’s officials following the demolition of a mosque by kingdom officials.

During prayers in  Kampala mosque, Nuhu Muzata mobilized Muslims to avoid any function organized by the kingdom.

One of the biggest exiting kingdoms in Africa, Buganda kingdom is the largest of the 5 kingdoms in Uganda with a population of over 7 million royalists.Of those, about 2 million people in the kingdom are Muslims. The majority are Christians who at times under-look Muslims.

The mosque was reportedly demolished last week under the orders of the officials who oversee the kingdom property. It was located in a land near the main king’s palace.

‘We can not accept people to play around with us by breaking the house of Allah.’ said Muzata in a high tone. All the Muslims in the mosque responded ‘Allah Akbar.’

He said that Muslims respect their places of worship and can not allow anyone to break them down.

‘From today onwards Muslims should stop participating at any function of the kingdom. Muslims should also not buy Buganda kingdom certificates or contribute money towards the kingdom’s programmes. ‘Muzata ordered.

‘Allah Akbar Allah Akbar. ‘retorted his followers.

A Muslims leader, Hajji Mubarak Sekate said, ‘It was unwise for the kingdom  officials to break down our mosque. That is unacceptable. They should apologize to us and reconstruct the mosque.’

A Muslim youth leader, Abdul Zingo said, ‘I wonder why some of the people in this country antagonize us. If they continue like that we shall organize a jihad (a holy war) against them.’


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