7 killed by terrorists in Kenya



By Godfrey Olukya    21-2-2013

Police in Kenya is hunting for suspected Al Shabab militants who have today morning attacked a mosque in eastern Kenya and shot dead 7 people.

According to police, 5 of the dead were shot at in the mosque while two women who made an alarm after seeing the militants shooting at people in the mosque were also shot dead.

The attacked Mosque is located in Malele village, Garissa county near the border with Somalia. That area has experienced several attacks from militants who cross from Somalia into Kenya.

This has not been the first time for the militants to attack houses of worship and killing believers. Last year several churches were attacked and worshipers killed.

However this has been the first time for them to attack a mosque. A security officer in Kenya said that probably the attackers guessed right that whereas churches are being provided with adequate security following previous  attacks, Mosques have  not been provided with the same attention because those concerned never expected Muslim militants attacking fellow Muslims especially in a mosque.

Garissa County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed condemned the attack and said all will be done to get those responsible. He said, ‘We have started hunting for the killers. They have attacked the mosque and killed 7 innocent people. It is unfortunate that the attackers could not even spare women.’


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