Notorious rebel Ntaganda taken to Hague



By Godfrey Olukya   24-3-2013

Different countries, people, local and international organizations have  welcomed the surrender of notorious Congolese rebels leader Bosco Ntaganda and his subsequently being flown to ICC court in Hague.

Recently, Ntaganda surrendred himself to USA embassy in Rwanda following two international arrest warrants issued by
the International Criminal Court several years ago.

He is accused of causing committing crimes against humanity  in eastern Democratic Republican of Congo  where his forces allegedly recruited underage children,raped women,looted peoples property and killed innocent people.

Congolese local chief, Mika Mboze said, ‘It is good that Ntaganda has been taken to ICC court. That will be a lesson to all those who start up fighting groups in Congo killing innocent people and stealing property.

EU spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued a statement saying,’The High Representative welcomes the transfer to The Hague of
Bosco Ntaganda. She thanks all those who made this possible. This transfer is consistent with the commitments taken in the peace, security and development framework for the DRC and the  region, which the EU supports.’

The United States has also  welcomed Ntaganda’s surrender and being taken to  the International Criminal Court in The

A statement from US government said that  United States is particularly grateful to the Rwandan, Dutch, and British Governments for their cooperation in facilitating the departure of Bosco Ntaganda from Rwanda to the Hague.


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