Muslim clerics should help in fighting HIV-AIDs

By Godfrey Olukya    9-5-2013

Muslim leaders in Africa have been urged to prioritize HIV-AIDs prevention in their daily religious engagements.

The advise has been given by Sheikh Haruna Uwimana while addressing Muslims in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura.

Uwimana said, ‘In all Muslim communities in Africa we have a chain of leaders right from a Mufti, district Kadhis, Sheikhs, Imams and women leaders. If all those leaders make it a priority to warn believers against HIV-AIDs, there would be a big impact.

‘Muslim leaders should know that it is their responsibility to mobilize and sensitize their followers about HIV-AIDs. They are supposed to use any opportunity they get to tell their followers about the dangers of HIV -AIDs and how to prevent catching it. Uwimana said.

He said that if Muslims catch the disease, it affects  all of them directly or indirectly. He gave an example of a Muslim  family head dying, looking after his children could become a burden to all Muslims in the area. 

He advised the Muslim leaders not to be shy when talking about the disease but instead to be bold and tell people to avoid reckless sex activities.

‘When you are invited for a Duwa, or marriage ceremony and other ceremonies, grab the opportunity to pass on message about HIV-AIDs prevention.’
he said.

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