Condoms are now used to smuggle narcotics



By Godfrey Olukya 13-5-2013

Dealers in narcotics have started using condoms to smuggle it from one country to another.

A Guinean national shocked security officials in Uganda when he vomited 27 condoms stuffed with narcotics.

Last Saturday, at around 8 am, a Guinean national identified as Alpha Camara was arrested at Entebbe international airport after he vomited the 27
condoms stuffed with narcotics.

He was reportedly traveling from Panama, South America. He confessed that he was carrying drugs.

According to Entebbe airport police head of intelligence, Tinka Zarugaba, Camara who had reportedly not had meals while on the plane was
arrested after alighting from the plane and exhibiting signs of exhaustion in addition to walking in a strange manner.

Zarugaba said, ‘We suspected him to be a wrong element. We subjected him to a vomiting routine check,and he brought out one condom. When we took him to Entebbe hospital he was made to vomit other 26 condoms all stuffed with narcotics.’

He said that Camara pleaded for mercy saying that was his first time to carry drugs into the country. He said that the suspect would soon be taken
to court to be charged with being in possession of narcotics.

‘We shall use the pellets vomited by the suspect as evidence against him in court.’ Zarugaba said, adding on that he would be charged with narcotics
and drug trafficking.

The police is investigating the possibility of Camara being with accomplices in Uganda especially in the capital Kampala.


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