Muslims advised to educate girls

By Godfrey Olukya    15-5-2013

Muslims in Africa have been advised to take their daughters to schools just like they do to their sons so that they get balanced and elite families. The advice has been given by Sheikh Ahmed Okullo while addressing Muslims in Kisimu, Kenya. He said it is a fact that girls are still discriminated in some Muslim communities in Africa.

Okullo said that in some African countries, Muslim parents up to today do not regard taking their daughters to school as a priority. They take all their sons to schools and leave the daughters to stay with their mother at home learning domestic chores. He said, ‘Girls should also be taken to schools. Muslims in Africa have lagged behind in development due to low levels of education. Some parents do not take the daughters to schools saying that after all they will get married even if they do not attain education. That should stop, Girls should also be taken to schools.’

He said that Muslims are lucky that now their brothers in middle east and Arab world have helped them by constructing schools and universities in their countries. He urged them to take advantage of the schools by sending all their children there to study.

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