Muslims are warned against acquiring dirty money



By Godfrey Olukya 7-6-2013

Islam is against theft and gambling but promotes acquiring wealth in a clean manner, mostly through hard working.

Any money acquired through means not permitted by Islam is dirty money.

The religion permits a variety of games and sports but prohibits any games which involves betting or gambling.

While addressing Muslim youths at Busia in western Kenya Sheikh Isa Wanyama warned them against stealing and gambling.
He urged Muslims to follow Allah’s directives to earn a living.

Wanyama said. ‘Muslims should use natural laws and direct means to attain wealth. Gambling games such as lottery and sports betting make a person dependent on chance, luck and empty wishes. That takes a person away from honest labor, serious work and productive effort.’

He said that at times gambling ends into some people losing their lives. He said that the losers at times kill the winners when they
observe that they have easily lost to them their money.

‘Gambling leads to greed since the loser gets addicted with the hope of winning the next game to regain his earlier losses, while the winner goes back hoping to win again.’ he said.

He added on that another problem of gambling is that those involved in it neglect their obligations towards their creator and their duties towards the community.


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