By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh

Last night, I watched the whole city council debate about the two anti-police bills and saw  council members who represent New York City’s highest crime neighborhoods poured their hearts out in supporting these unnecessary bureaucratic layer in addition to existing resource-wasting layers constructed to police the NYPD. Now I want to see these actors do the same thing (The passion) in protecting their constituents from the violent criminals who terrorizing their neighborhoods.

Unfortunately these council members seem to suggest police officers are the problem in their council districts more so than the violent criminals who necessitate police fixture in these districts. Some of them narrated how humiliated it was to be stopped and frisked by police, but I guess the over 90% of the city’s crime victims who happen to be their own constituents are not humiliated enough. They just only got killed, raped, assaulted and burglarized, etc…. That’s it!

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