South Sudan to repatriate students from Egypt

By Godfrey Olukya   1-7-2013

South Sudan’s ministry of Higher Education is set to repatriate about 400 South Sudanese students studying on Egyptian scholarships in Cairo.

This comes after reports of rampart riots in Egypt which have put the lives of the students at a risk.

The Director General for Training and External Relations in the Ministry, Benjamin Gabriel Apai, said, ‘We are to bring the students home. They will be brought back home by the end of June on account of the political and economic situation in Egypt.’

Apart from the security reasons, Apai also said the government will bring back the students because it can no longer  pay the students’ bursaries due to the austerity measures.

“We used to give them some financial assistance of an equivalent of 100 US dollars per month unfortunately after the implementation of austerity measures, we are unable to send this financial assistance to them,” he said.

Last week, the students reportedly stormed the South Sudan’s embassy in Cairo demanding payment of nine months’ bursaries.

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