Socially Responsible Investment Opportunity:

In light of the proliferation of global Christmas lighting and decorations in this century, December is a month forever associated with the dichotomy of religion and commerce.

Some Christmas decorations are for religious reasons, some for festive reasons, and while others are used by entrepreneurs for attracting consumers to their businesses during euphoric Christmas shopping seasons. All this of course makes Christmas decorations marketers happy.

According to National Retail Federation, the Christmas decorations in the United States are a six billion dollars market in 2011.

Now, we would like to introduce to you a great investment opportunity, Peace December Decorations, a new non-religious consumer decorations market that is a month-long celebration versus Christmas which lasts mainly about ten days and has a limited market scope because of its religious identification.

Against the back drop of the above information, HT Corp. is in the process to mass produce Peace December Lighting and Decorations to promote global peace while earning profits for its shareholders starting in 2014.

Qualified investors are invited to this new socially responsible investment opportunity. Inquire within!


Peace December Decorations Marketing Department,



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