Muslim Community Report endorses Honorable Chief Banks to be our next Police Commissioner.

My position when it come to the leadership of NYPD has always been to keep honorable Raymond Kelly at the helm, because no one comes close to his unique qualification in leading a force that professionally protect us from murderous criminals since 9/11.

But now I have a change of heart in regards the Commissioner; I want him to be President Obama’s next Homeland Security Boss, so the entire nation would experience the benefits New Yorkers have been blessed to enjoy for many years as a result of his leadership.

This now leads me to campaign for honorable Philips Banks, current Chief of the Department to be our next Police Commissioner, regardless who is our next mayor. His qualified, well-liked and extremely humble. Chief Banks will continue the effective public safety programs in place despite the hoola hoops from public safety clueless and pandering council members.  Kelly in DC, Banks at One Police Plaza so we can all sleep well at night. God bless the United States of America.

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