Some Ugandan MPs to petition Museveni over ICC attacks


By Godfrey Oluky 15-10-2013

Some members of parliament in Uganda have threatened to petition the UN Security Council over the continued attack of International Criminal Court by president Museveni.

On several occasions,president Museveni has openly attacked ICC saying that apart from victimizing African leaders, it does not much help Africa.Recently president Museveni has been quoted in the media attacking the ICC work and saying that it is segrative.

Last week, AU leaders met in Ethiopia to discuss the role of ICC and proposed that the court should stay the trial of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta who is expected to stand trial over crimes against humanity in a past Kenyan election.

The Ugandan legislators led by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Sekikubo said that they want the Security Council to ignore the words of the president saying that he is talking on his own behalf but not representing Ugandans views.

Sekikubo said, ” Uganda became a member of ICC through legislation and therefore parliament is supposed to first discuss the matter before the president comes out to make any comment against it.”

He said that Ugandans still want the ICC because they believe its only through this court that the people can be defended against selfish and power hungry leaders.

However, ruling party cadre, Julius Musiime said that some MPs like Sekikubo have made it a habit of attacking whatever Museveni does as one of the means of attracting media attention’.

”What is wrong for Museveni as an individual to comment about what he thinks about ICC’s activities. Such MPs are redundant and simply look at whatever Museveni does and make it an issue .” Musiime said


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