South Sudan and Sudan to jointly monitor border


By Godfrey Olukya    18-10-2013

Sudan and South Sudan have agreed to jointly monitor their border entry points.
This comes after the two countries for a long time accusing one another over violating the others’ border rights.

The Joint Security and Peace Committee for South Sudan and Sudan said the two countries will form a joint force to safeguard border crossing points.

Sudan’s co-chair of the committee,  Al Moiz Farouk, said all security preparations have been made to reopen both road and river transport in November.

He said the joint forces will ensure security at four crossing points at the borders of the two countries.

“We expect four out of ten check points to open soon, both river and land crossing will commence. The opening of the crossing will bring economic stability to the two countries and the joint Security and Peace Committee will ensure secure trade,” he said.

Sudan earlier announced it would start exporting 172 varieties of commercial goods to South Sudan as soon as the border crossing reopens.



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