Dr Kiyingi was not pardoned, authorities in Uganda clarify


By Godfrey Olukya     19-5-2016


Authorities in Uganda have clarified that the state has not dropped all charges against Australia-based Ugandan cardiologist, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi as reported by the media but instead it has suspended them until when Kiyingi appears in court.

Different media houses have been reporting since April 14th 2016 that the director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mike Chibita dropped charges of terrorism, murder and crimes against humanity slapped against Dr Kiyingi and 31 others for their alleged role in the killing of Muslim clerics across the country last year.

”DPP Mike Chibita was misunderstood by the media. He has since clarified that Kiyingi has not yet been pardoned. We simply suspended charges against Kiyingi because he has not appeared in court to answer the charges against him. Once he is available the charges will be resurrected.” said high court official James Lwaga.

He said that Kiyingi was summoned several times to the International Crimes division of the High court to answer charges but he did not show up. He added on that the co-accused with Kiyingi are available and hearing their charges have to go on even if Kiyingi is not available and that is the reason why  they suspended charges against him.

”So the journalists mistook suspension for total pardon, which is unfortunate.” he said.

On April 14th,2016 the Principal State Attorney Charles Richard Kaamuli told court presided over by Justice Duncan Gaswaga that the DPP Mike Chibita had decided to discontinue the charges against Dr Kiyingi but added on that 40 witnesses had been lined up to testify against the remaining 31 suspects in a case whose trial is expected to start soon.



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