This year’s Interfaith Living Museum exhibition was the second time when a day after the exhibition a supposedly Muslim terrorist is caught in the Bronx. In each case, the media converged to the scene and dramatize it to a point where you think all Bronxites are in imminent danger from their Muslim Neighbors. Yet in each case, the media had refused our strenuous invitation efforts for our uniquely designed counter extremists’ narratives interfaith project in the Bronx days leading to these exhibitions.

This left me wondering what journalist schools are teaching their students. Are their curricula obsolete? Did time left them far behind? What would it take to open their eyes to current priorities? And most importantly, when will consumers demand better, decent and more valuable contents from our media? It’s time for us, as consumers, to start boycotting filthy, violent and bias media contents being indoctrinated in the innocent brains of our children.

All our media houses can tell you how pain in neck I have been to them, and will continue to be for this noble cause. The media is so important of a teacher that it can’t be left to continue its peace and mind destroying path.

So far my ‘David vs Goliath’ battle with ratings and ad dollar chasers has bore fruits. By God’s mercy, some conscientious reporters whom I love a great deal have been leading this revolution within their organizations.


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