Ramadan Kareem!




Dear Friends:

It gives me pleasure to announce the arrival of our special guest, Ramadan. May Allah (SW) allow us to enter it, fast it and complete it with all its limitless benefits.

I’m also grateful for the fact that, unlike many other Muslims who would adjust their actions because of the month, I, on the other hand, wouldn’t change a thing from what I have been doing year round, promoting peace. According to a statement credited to our prophet, the best action for a Muslim is to promote peace. With that being the case, you’ll not notice any change to my aggressive push for peaceful coexistence among all creation even during Ramadan.

By the permission of Allah (SW), we will coordinate our usually popular daily communal dinners and Taraawih prayers. All are invited to partake in these fellowship dinner gatherings.  Thank you all and God bless! Ramadan Mubaarak to all!

Venue: Masjid Al Iman, 2008 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462

Dinner Time: 8:30 PM daily

Contact: 718-892-5555

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