Senator Serrano’s Arts and Cultural District Legislation Passes State Senate



Today, the New York State Senate passed Senator Jose M. Serrano’s arts and cultural districts bill, S.6271-A. This important legislation would create arts and cultural districts throughout the state in order to promote the growth and development of the arts and culture sector.

New York has an abundance of areas with artistic and cultural significance and appeal. These areas are major economic engines for the local economy and greatly improve the quality of life for the surrounding communities. Serrano’s legislation will create state-certified “Arts and Cultural Districts” that will receive technical assistance in applying for grants, marketing, increasing tourism opportunities, and other economic development opportunities. Whether it’s a concentration of museums or historic sites with artistic or cultural value, many areas throughout the state have untapped potential that can be further harnessed through this bill.

“New York State is a culturally rich destination that is home to some of the greatest museums, theaters, and historic cultural sites in the world. These arts and cultural institutions act as an economic engine for local communities and add cultural and educational value to the everyday lives of New Yorkers. This legislation will help identify and designate these important areas and help them continue to flourish,” said Senator Serrano.

Since moving through the State Senate, the bill now awaits passage in the New York State Assembly where it is carried by Assembly Member Aileen Gunther. If signed into law, New York would become the 15th state to incorporate an arts and cultural district program.


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