We must be wise up for peace


Dear Muslims
We’ve learned that in wars the first casualty is the ‘Truth’. While the anti-Islamic hypocrites love to link all horrendous violence crimes carried by individuals with common Muslim names and or backgrounds, profile after profile clearly proved they are anything but practicing Muslims or legitimate representatives of Islam.

Do not be stupid. No real and educated Muslim would ever harm an innocent soul, be cruelty to animals or be carelessly destructive to our environment. Unfortunately the most vocal and visible anti-Islamic figures have completely abandoned the principles of their own professed religions and shall never be satisfied with Muslims until we do likewise. All past world wars were fought by the same people who are responsible for these ongoing conflicts for the same reasons, GREED.

Please learn about Islam from real Muslims not the media, government informants or anti-Islamic pundits with smart pens and sharp tongues.  We must be wise up for peace.

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