We Must Not Knowingly Repeat Failure


Dear friends:


If we’re fighting the same problems of inequity and social injustice as they were fought by our forefathers, we’ve failed to focus on their root causes. It’s been proven globally that with good education, no problem shall continue to exist from generation to generation, regardless of race or gender.  We must therefore march into schools not on the streets for change.

  1. The best equalizer is a Good Education.
  2. The best tool of respect is Excellency
  3. The best friend is a Paycheck
  4. The best solution is a Personal Responsibility.
  5. The best protection is a Sober Life.
  6. The best asset is a Responsible Family
  7. The best life strategy is Education then Employment then Enjoyment of Family.

I hope this answer your inequity and social injustice questions. #leadership #attitude #commonsense

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