Not Face of Our Nation


Mr. Donald Trump is an unfortunate reflection of his party but not his nation. His nation is too great to be represented by such a person who embodies misogynistic and prejudicial characters displayed by Mr. Trump throughout his life. Allowing a presidential candidate to insult his way up to power sends a terrible message to the world, particularly the younger generation. Furthermore, his rise has already activated dormant hate groups at the same time give boost to the active ones, including Mr. David Duke who has just announced his senatorial candidacy by citing Mr. Trump’s primary success.

According to political experts, presidents govern the same way they run their campaigns. With that be the case, Mr. Trump’s presidency has a potential of planting the evil seeds of a World War iii which would certainly dwarf the World War I & ii, God forbid.  Sadly enough, some pundits have already seen similarity between the rise of Hitler and Trump’s, therefore it is incumbent up on the voters to reject his positions and stop his chances of being the face of this nation that means so much to the world.  Let us wise up to peace!

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