Religious interpretations are flexible but religious principles are same.



While churches built on teaching the flock about and following Jesus (PBUH) were the refuge for freedom fighters and catalysts for anti-slavery movements, anti-Christ churches, on the other hand, built on racial and ethnic superiority concepts were busy legitimizing the divinity of slavery industry. Certainly a lot has been achieved in the last three centuries, but the two churches unfortunately still exist in this nation and beyond, and Mr. Trump’s campaign rallies put the spotlights on this reality.


Why Am I saying this?

Well, if the Republican Party known for its Christian-leaning rhetoric, would abandon all its principles and associate with the likes of Mr. Donald J. Trump, it would then be witnessing its final stage of ever being a national party. Mr. Trump must the first to be rejected and last to be embraced by the GOP. So embracing him, for sure, accelerates GOP’s irreversible demise.

According to published reports, many European Christians are leaving churches due in part to religious hypocrisies and a Donald J. Trump led GOP would face similar fate immediately. It is time for all Jesus loving Americans to repudiate and reject the anti-Christ candidacy of Donald J. Trump for God’s sake.

I am aware of the hypocrisies of many of our former presidents including the slave holding, adulterous founding fathers, but the times and demographics are different for a divisive, morally-corrupt and woefully unqualified person like Mr. Trump to be the face of this great nation in our most critical time to once and for all eliminate the global terror network.  May God Continue to bless this exemplary union and May God open the hearts, minds and eyes of the GOP leadership before it’s too late. #notthefaceofournation

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