Peacemakers Dinner


Good Morning Peacemakers:


Today is our August Peacemakers Dinner. These Peacemakers gatherings are crucial in our pursuit for a more peaceful, loving, united and economically developed communities. All safe and successful neighborhoods have well-informed and highly participatory residents to safeguard them from criminal activities. That is why their residents enjoy quality of life, health and wellness, public safety, efficient services delivery, economic development, higher civic participation and brighter future for their youngsters.

As experience and effective community empowerment activists, we must not tolerate small criminal elements from within and be in the business of reacting to events, atrocities or violent crimes in our communities, most for photo ops, self-promotions or worst yet trying to benefit from others’ tragedy.

As preventions practitioners, we know that crime and violent are not inevitable. They are committed by the people we know, love and live with. Our movement is about promoting virtues and preventing vices in all neighborhoods. Please join us. #peacemakersdinner @thepeacecounty

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