A vote is the most expensive resource to waste


In about two weeks, many people would be elected or re-elected. Take it from me, only vote for those who have shown independence and leadership in being visible and vocal proponents of public safety. If they promise developments without public safety, they’re either IDIOTS or believe you’re. There are no difference in neighborhoods except public safety.  Entrepreneurial capital investments go to safe environments, while predators prefer dangerous ones for bloody investment yields. That is why some incompetent elected officials do not actually live the districts they incompetently represent, because they’re too dangerous for their families.

But I must say it is common in the Bronx to see professional whiners who do not VOTE. When it comes to selecting your leaders, your one vote is as powerful as a billionaire’s vote. DO NOT WASTE IT! God bless! #votepeace #votepublicsafety #thepeacecounty #peacevoters

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