Happy Birthday Ms. Colvin!


“She was an A student, quiet, well-mannered, neat, clean, intelligent, pretty, and deeply religious,” writes Jo Ann Robinson in her authoritative book, The Montgomery Bus Boycott And The Women Who Started It. The Guardian news.


Dear friends:


Today is a very special day in the America, especially for the lives of millions of Jim Crow and segregation laws victims in this nation and beyond. On this day today, Ms. Claudette Colvin, 77, was born in Alabama, one of the most racist Southern states during the height of Jim Crow terrorism.  Ms. Colvin was a studious 15 year old in 1955 when she became the first person to pull the plug off of Montgomery bus segregation laws, that later brought the passage of the civil rights law which ended all public discrimination laws in the United State.

While history hasn’t been so kind to this pioneer, the future will. Happy birthday Ms. Colvin. May God keep you with us for many more healthy and celebratory birthdays. Thank you!

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