It Takes A Village…


Dear friends:


It takes a village….


Today is a defining day for over a million of our sons and daughters who have started their academic year in New York. Obviously these students come from different social, cultural, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds, reflecting the realities of our Gorgeous Mosaic Big Apple.


Some students are attending schools whose annual tuition fees are more than the annual gross income of many families in the city, while the majority of others come from households with limited resources, homelessness, foster care and even worst no families at all.


Regardless of the variations of their backgrounds however, they’re all deserved successful destiny. They are all deserved our unwavering commitment to safety, love and guidance. Their backgrounds must never be barriers or ceilings to success.


Now since their destinies are set for them from schools, let us each adopt one student from those with challenging backgrounds and put them into desirable destinies. God bless our children and the responsible adults in their precious lives, and I congratulate them for their academic year 16/17.

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