Countdown to the International Peace Month.


Dear fellow patriots in the media:

Indeed we have a lot to be thankful for as Americans, chief among them are the freedom of press and expression. I just concluded a ten day trip to the mainland China in promoting the International Peace Month, Peace December. I went to several of the most populous cities in China and none of them allow me access to our social media or google, something I naively thought was a joke.

This freedom of the press and expression must however be used to empower us and not tools of self-destruct. For this reason, I deeply owe a great gratitude to some of you who have been the biggest promoters of our unwavering commitment to a peaceful coexistence here and abroad. Some of you take personal interest in assisting us in countering the divisive and destructive recruitment narratives of extremists and gangsters. You know who you are and I deeply feel honored by your services to humanity. With more media professionals joining your ranks, we can defeat all extremists without sophisticated and expensive military deployments.

Peace December has so far transformed over one hundred gang members and crews in New York and reaching more young Muslim youths who are susceptible for radicalization without a penny from any politician, foundation or charitable grants. You, the media, are the main sustainer, partners and sources of our expansion.

Peace December, a Bronx base movement, has now germinated local grassroots commitment to public safety and peaceful coexistence in eighteen other countries so far and growing. Thanks to your professional love and friendship. While I may be the most annoying character you have met so far in your careers, I’m not apologizing for competing with gang members, domestic violence abusers, bullies, racists, drug dealers, criminals and terrorists. “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Sheikh Musa Drammeh

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