Mayor for Speedy Recovery of Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson



Photo Courtesy:NY Post
Photo Courtesy:NY Post


Muslim Community Report, Brooklyn: On temporary leave from service of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson on his health issues, City Mayor Bill de Blassio, in a press statement, has wished him all the best with speedy recovery and swift return to duty.

“I want to wish my friend and Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson all the best as he temporarily steps aside to take care of what’s most important’: the Mayor said in a press statement this afternoon. Citing DA Thompson’s professional resolve and determination, Mayor Bill de Blassio, in his statement, said,

‘I have no doubt District Attorney Thompson will tackle this challenge with the same resolve and determination with which he serves the people of Brooklyn.’

‘My administration is prepared to work with Brooklyn’s Chief Assistant District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in District Attorney Thompson’s absence and wishes the District Attorney a speedy recovery and swift return to duty”-Mayor’s statement concluded.


Earlier, diagnosed with Cancer, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced Tuesday that he would have to take time out of the office to manage his illness. In a press release on his health issue, DA said: “During the absences occasioned by my treatment and recovery, the Kings County District Attorney’s office will be led by Chief Assistant Eric Gonzalez, alongside others on the executive team.”

The Brooklyn DA also thanked all in advance and hoped to rejoin all. “I thank you in advance for your prayers and look forward to rejoining you on the battlefield of justice”- in his press statement Attorney Ken Thompson added.

“As a man of intense faith, I intend to fight and win the battle against this disease,” Thompson said in the statement. “I humbly seek your sincere prayers as I confront this challenge and respectfully ask that you honor my family’s need and wish for privacy during this time.”

The Brooklyn DA had surgery to treat the illness a few months ago and  cancer was again discovered in his body, sources familiar with the family told Thompson, a father of two children, was elected in 2013 after defeating 20-year incumbent Charles Hynes. He declared in 2014 that his office would decline to prosecute many people caught with small amounts of marijuana.

According to his website, the DA was born and raised in New York and his mother, Clara Thompson, was one of the first women to patrol the streets as a NYPD officer.

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