African Sheikhs talk about Prophet Muhammad’s birthday


By Godfrey Olukya       12-9-2016


Various Sheikhs in Africa have called on all Muslims in Africa and allover the world to embrace prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

The celebrations, according to the sheikhs are known as Mawlid al-Nabi. This year, they said, the celebrations will start on coming Sunday evening and end on Monday.

According to Sheikh Ahmed Kirenga of Tanzania, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is a very important event for every true Muslim He said, ”All Muslims need to celebrate that day because it is the landmark of Islam.”

Sheikh Kassim Odwor of Kenya said that all Muslims need to celebrate the day because it is the day on which their leader was born, ”I call on all Muslims to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad which is celebrated every year on the 12th day of Rabbil Awaal, the 3rd month of the Islamic lunar calendar.”

Sheikh Imran SSali from Uganda said, ”The celebrations of prophet Muhammad is a sign of love for the prophet.”

Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Wakinya said that the celebration is a long -standing historical and cultural event, which the Muslims see as an expression of their joy and love for Prophet Muhammad, who taught them what it means to be Muslim.

Nigeria Sheikh Obierika said that prayers and sermons on that day help Muslims to reflect on their behavior. He said that as believers are taken through the life of their prophet, they look into themselves and see if the way they behave is the right one.

He said ”Throughout that day we learn to behave responsibly just as the prophet did.”



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