Let Us Work Together For Our Peace County


To Bronx politicians:

I have nothing against you except your failure to be frank with your constituents about the relationship between violent crimes and vicious cycle of poverty in the Bronx. The only thing missing in some areas of the Bronx are political leaders with uncompromised commitment to public safety.

Bronx constituents do not have to be naïve about the real fact that their neighborhoods would not attract the much-needed private entrepreneurial development capital without public safety and if they do, they will be gentrified out of them for public safety. They must forget their political leaders’ campaign promises and their special interest groups’ constructed itemized campaign agendas being repeated every election cycle. Ain’t nothing but gimmick!  I live in the Bronx for three decades now with active political involvement. I know the qualifications of all elected officials, past and present, and they also know me very well.

The undeniable reality is that neighborhoods with high crime and violence do not attract anything other than the lowest income residents and persistent cycle of poverty. If our political leaders could swallow their pride and work with me instead of secretly asking others to distance themselves from my ‘politically incorrect’ approach to public safety, they themselves would finally live in their currently violent-ravaged and impoverished districts.

Let us set aside our egos and join forces to make our borough the most desirable destination for entrepreneurs, investors and those seeking ideal locations to raise families.  I do not need a penny from you. All I need for you to do is making sure our children have the same competitive chances against their counterparts in neighborhoods that enjoy strong public safety.  In addition to espousing poverty, violent crimes are also expensive for taxpayers. Let’s make it happen. Work with me. After all, it is our Bronx, The Peace County.  God bless!




Sheikh Musa Drammeh

New York Political Coalition

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