The Year of Inventions


Dear fellow members of HIB:

As we close this year and enter the next, we must all be thinking of new inventions and innovations to bring to the waiting market hungry for new ideas. The prospect for acquiring wealth and improving the quality of lives couldn’t be brighter. Instead of learning to be loyal ‘brands’ consumers and spending fortune in making our favorite ‘brands’ owners richer, let us start 2017 with inventive mindset, and become consuming producers. The good thing about invention is that it does not require degrees, age or be a genius. There are countless things, systems, products and ideas yet to be discovered, as well as existing ones waiting to be improved.

Please join us in making 2017 a year our lives, socioeconomic conditions, destiny   have forever changed by our invention (s).  Let us do it. Let us make mothers and sisters (our biggest fans) be proud of our successes in 2017. we would love for us to convene a convention and celebrate some members ‘break through’ inventions in 2017. Good luck to you all!


Halal Inventors Club

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