The Vanguards of Peace


This year, as optimistic as I had always been, I want us to be very, very and very smart and realistic about the actions we take, the relations we build and the information we allow guiding our interactions.

The current national and global political realignments brewing with our trumped up media enablers is a perfect fertile opportunity for evil promoters (lobbyists) who benefit financially and scientifically from conflicts and divisions to take advantage of the chaos and invest in the most sophisticated misleading contents, as well as deploying their talking heads who are highly capable of convincing the peaceful moral majority about their self-destructive schemes made seemingly fair.

Let us stick to the time-tested defense of thoroughly investigated the motives behind everything that is said, hinted, suggested or promoted. And if ain’t leading us to a peaceful coexistence, we must firmly reject it. It is our world to protect! #newpeaceattitude #werefusedtoyieldtoevil #peacefulcoexistence

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