Grassroots Public Safety Prevention Partnership


Dear New Yorkers:

We are grateful to our Creator for commissioning us to be among the vicegerents of our City. A City that’s in desperate need of alleviating the persistent public safety concerns of its residents, tourists, prospective investors and entrepreneurs.

With so many of our fellow New Yorkers who truly care about their communities and the well-being of their neighbors, there is no longer any valid reason why any county in the city to remain behind in areas of health, wealth and socioeconomic development, especially when the City is enjoying one of its greatest economic expansion in multiple fronts.

Since the biggest obstacle to socioeconomic progress in any neighborhood is public safety, we are putting together the largest and most diverse grassroots coalition in the city’s history to help enhance the work of our law enforcement communities concerning crime and violence prevention. Community and law enforcement working together on prevention would indeed help maintain the city’s current low crime rates regardless of administration changes. As a result, we encourage all community organizers, clergy, school leaders and all other stakeholders to join this grassroots public safety coalition.

Grassroots Public Safety Prevention Partnership
Grassroots Public Safety Prevention Partnership

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