Community Public Safety Partnership


Dear New Yorkers:

On Thursday, February 2, 2017 from 1:00-2:00 PM at the World Famous steps of City Hall in the Financial District of New York City, we will educate our elected officials about the prudency of spending our tax dollars and the most effective way in improving the quality of life for all, as well as maintaining equal public safety in all neighborhoods. Bring your families, friends, colleagues and most importantly, the victims of crime and violence.
We will tell them that:

1. Funding well established organizations (most of them headquartered in well to do counties and neighborhoods) that benefit from high levels crime and violence in minority neighborhoods is morally repugnant.

2. Crime and violence are not inevitable, and none are more qualified to prevent them than the ones who commit them. And

3. Annual allocation of $25, 000,000 to “Community Public Safety Partnership” would save the state and city at least One Billion Dollars in their Public Safety Budgets, in addition to more New Yorkers coming home to their loving families.

Community Public Safety Partnership
Community Public Safety Partnership

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