Claudette Colvin Day


Dear friends:

On behalf of Peace December family, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped, in one way or another, in making our historic celebration of “Claudette Colvin Day” a huge success.

Hon. Colvin expressed her overjoy in seeing folks from all walks of life and backgrounds endeavoring for a national recognition of her pioneering contributions to the civil rights movement while alive. She was indeed grateful for witnessing other states joining New York in formerly adopting March 2nd Claudette Colvin Day.

She also expressed her gratefulness to Assemblyman Hon. Jose Rivera and Bronx District Attorney, Hon. Durcell Clarke for taking the lead on this long delayed justice on her behalf.

As the audience concluded, the most powerful linkage of Ms. Colvin’s contributions as a studious teenage game changer to the civil rights movement, peace education and the lives her action has saved so far, was perfectly compiled and presented by Peace Lights co-creator, Mr. Peter Rogina. A presentation everyone must see this presentation, particularly people in schools and houses of worship.

As we move ahead with this campaign, we request you to please join us in urging your elected officials, educators, community and religious leaders to make “Claudette Colvin Day” a reality in all fifty states during her lifetime. God bless!

Thanks to our local and international audiences during the 2nd celebration of Claudette Colvin Day in New York City on Thursday.

Claudette Colvin Day
Claudette Colvin Day



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