Search for malaria vaccine is in advanced stages in Uganda


By Godfrey Olukya 22-3-2017

Uganda is in advanced stages of coming up with a malaria vaccine that will help Africa to get rid of the deadly disease.

With malaria still being the biggest contributor to deaths in Africa, health scientists in Uganda have embarked on a research to come up with a vaccine against malaria.

They claim that they are in advanced stages of coming up with the vaccine against the killer disease.

According to the national malaria control program manager in the health ministry, Jimmy Opio Uganda is currently among the countries which are undertaking a vigorous study geared towards getting a vaccine that prevents malaria to greater margins.

”We are carrying out a research meant to come up with the vaccine. The study is underway” he said.

He said that all stakeholders are interested in seeing that a vaccine for malaria is developed.

On whether Uganda is having any other means to reduce malaria besides mosquito nets distribution and spraying, he said that that even when the vaccine is discovered and developed the traditional methods like using mosquito nets will still be employed in the fight against malaria.

He said that malaria is the number 1 killer disease in most of the African countries and getting its vaccine will be a great health related achievement for the continent.


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