Over the years, muslims all over the world have visited the Holy Land to observe one of the pillars of Islam, Hajj. About 2 million people travel to Mecca to perform Hajj every year. However, Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, the most Holy City of the Muslims, and a mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey. It takes place in the month of Dhul Hijjah which is the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

It is expected that muslims who are physically and financially capable must perform Hajj even if other pillars are not near perfect in practice but some feel it is not a necessity. Olaosebikan Ganiyu, an islamic scholar said “they don’t understand the essence of giving back to Allah from one’s earning, they have the inability to grasp the earthly and heavenly benefits of going to Hajj as explained by Holy Quran” he further said that some muslims are stingy by nature and just couldn’t take money from their pockets to fund the Holy journey. Similarly, Mukthar Abiola, a muslim student also added by saying that these muslims feel its not important and they believe they have better things to do with their money. As matter of fact, they failed to realize that the money they have is only made available by God.

In addition, some muslims do not realize the importance or reasons for this Holy practice.
Some fail to understand that this wonderful event “recharges you” when you are weak in performing the rights of Islam. Hajj is an act of Worship which requires a physical and spiritual mind. Some muslims have failed to understand that Hajj cannot be compared to tourism. Olaosebikan Ganiyu, added that Hajj is performed by some muslims to
fulfill some reasons other than its main reason such as to exhibit the magnitude of their wealth and for social reason which is going because people are going. He further said that some do not have the full understanding of Hajj which makes them go there for tourism purpose. He urged muslims to have it at the back of their minds that Hajj is a chance to always remember and serve God.

Similarly, Hajj is a station of renewing Iman as many other stations where sins are wiped out by forgiveness and where faith, trust, and love of Allah, His Messengers, and the believers increase. The pilgrim gets purified and comes out of his sins like a newborn baby. After this purification, it is expected that whoever gets purified must back away from old bad ways. He is not expected to return to the old bad ways. Fatimah Salawu, an Islamic expert said that before someone can think of Hajj you must be perfect with the other four pillars of Islam(faith,prayer,charity and fasting) but some are not which possibly make them to go back to their old ways. She further urged muslims to perfect the other four pillars of Islam before Hajj. Hajj is also a school of training for Taqwah – consciousness of one’s duties towards Allah, good character and discipline. Some fail to understand that it is a manifestation of brotherhood, equality and Unity. Hajj also develops the Spirit of Unity among muslims who are like different branches from one tree.

Some muslims refuse to accept that Hajj is a platform for muslims to change for the better and keep on the straight path for life. Some muslims also refuse to take the lessons of Hajj seriously because they feel that it was not inspiring or helpful, others may feel that they are already the ‘perfect’ Muslim, meanwhile there is no perfect being on earth. However, Hajj helps Muslims to be self discipline and to see how God intended life to be. Consequently, the act of forgiveness and love is expected from them. This Holy trip is also meant to remind a Muslim of the Judgement Day as well as stoning the Jamaras will give a muslim an opportunity to pick the right choice in life which is also significant to life.

Hajj open ways for forgiveness and purification by God, it is an understanding that they have a second chance in life to live it how a good muslim should such as being kind, respectful,observing prayers, helping the poor, faithfulness, truthfulness, amongst others. Therefore, returning to the bad ways after Hajj has confirmed it invalid.

Islam is a religion of peace and every partaker of it is expected to practice its rights and duties. Therefore, whoever has gone for this wonderful Holy journey which comes with great benefits should never think of returning to the old bad ways and also, physically and financially fit muslims are expected to perform Hajj eventhough they are not nearly perfect in the other pillars of Islam, there is always room for perfection. However, the less privileged unable to go through this Holy trip should try as much to perfect the other pillars of Islam as great blessings come with it.

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