“TUBERCULOSIS KILLS 5,000 PEOPLE EVERDAY” said Deputy Secretary-General of the UN


Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious disease that calls for immediate attention. It is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body.Tuberculosis is spread through the air when people who have active TB in their lungs cough, spit, speak, or sneeze.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) declares TB ‘a global emergency’ with deaths from TB higher than any previous year in history. WHO estimates that one third of the world’s population is latently infected with TB, leading to 7-8 million cases of active TB – and 1.3-1.6 million deaths, annually. The estimated global TB incidence rate peaks at 141 cases per 100,000 population.

Similarly, the World Health Organization, WHO, has reiterated its commitment in fighting against Tuberculosis. WHO reported that Tuberculosis is a leading killer of HIV positive people. In 2015 35% of  HIV death was due to TB. WHO equally stated that TB is among the top ten causes of death. Report shows that 1.8 million people died from TB in 2015 including 400,000 with HIV plus TB. WHO said it is preventable and curable. On the ethical obligation of governments to provide Tuberculosis care for free, WHO said that governments have an ethical obligation to provide a universal access to TB care according to the international standards including the provision of social support as a critical part of that care. This is grounded in their duty to promote the common good and fulfill the human right to health, WHO said.

Recently, the current Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and former Minister of Environment  in Nigeria, Amina J. Mohammed, has said that Tuberculosis kills 5,000 people everyday. She made this known to newsmen on the world Tuberculosis’s day yesterday 24th March 2017.

Amina recalled that on 11th March 2017 she stated her job description as “to build a world where every girl and boy has the tools and support to make their dreams a reality.” In the bid to fulfilling this, Amina urged good people and governments to pledge their support in providing care, end stigma and leave no one behind. She also confirmed that there is need to take the deadly disease, Tuberculosis seriously as the number of people dying through this disease increases everyday.

Health experts, Ineke Huitema and Dr. Han Kang, stressed the need for a collective fight against the disease. They also advised the public to visit the nearest health facility to get tested and treated for free.

In order of global ranking, countries with the highest burden of the disease are India, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa. However, Tuberculosis can be prevented and controlled using the case management and contact investigation methods, environmental control and vaccination. Secondary prevention is achieved by chemotherapy(use of prescribed drugs).

Most of the countries with the highest level of tuberculosis assured commitment to eliminating tuberculosis by year 2035. As a matter of fact, there is also the need for the citizens of the countries of the world to keep up vaccination when necessary for a healthy society.

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