By Godfrey Olukya

Former female genital mutilation surgeons from Sebei and Karamoja in eastern Uganda want government and development partners to empower them economically to enable them live a descent life just like other members of their communities.

Chemosi Magdaline one of the ex surgeons who has practiced since 1987 till late when she quit to the jobs reveals that many of her fellow surgeons who were persuaded to leave the vice where they were earning ends meet have turned into beggars in their respective communities as now they can not find themselves what to eat, can not afford treatment among other basic necessities in life.

Chemosi adds that now some of ex-surgeons have resumed their duties in a bid to earn some money to sustain themselves. The situation has forced those who had entirely dropped the job to ask for financial empowerment to enable them sustain themselves and their families.

However, the UNFPA’s, FGM joint programme coordinator,  Nafissatou Diop confirms that these ex surgeons are provided with financial support from development partners as they denounce their responsibilities but most of them end up passing over their vice to their female children.

Diop said by doing so their families continue with the practice as well as getting more income. She calls for full implementation of the laws to crack down on those who are still practicing and cutting girls’ genitals.

But one of the area members of parliament, Evelyn Chemutai wants government and development partners to consider answering the call of these ex surgeon coupled with addressing the issue of cross border movements through implementing uniform laws against those practicing.

Both government and development partners boast of tremendous achievement towards reducing FGM practices in the regions though still they sight a number of challenges that need to be addressed for the vice to completely be phased out of the region.


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