20 killed in fire at Muslim spiritual retreat in Senegal


Over the years,there have been series of attacks against muslims who never stood fit at pointing fingers at any counter religion. As a matter of fact, Muslims continue to die in the hands of these terrorists.

Recently, record shows that about 20 people have been killed in a fire outbreak while attending a Muslim spiritual retreat in the eastern part of Senegal.The village holds an annual retreat attended by thousands of Muslims from across West Africa each year. It is an avenue where Muslims meet to exchange pleasantries and worship God.

To confirm this incident, Government spokesperson Seydou Gueye said that several others were injured in the fire outbreak in Medina Gounass village and have been rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment as the victims’ families wipe for lost beloved ones.

President Macky Sall was very unhappy about the incident. He offered condolences to victims’ families. He said the interior ministry would visit the site for investigation.

Senegalese national TV further reported that strong winds and makeshift shelters allowed the fire to spread, though the cause of the fire was not immediately known.

Medina Gounass is where thousands of Muslim men from Senegal, Guinea and other West African countries meet annually for the spiritual retreat which eventually turned to a disastrous one.

Islam has experienced violent attacks like; the terrorist group Boko Haram that recently killed 82 muslims and burnt three mosques in northern Cameroon. Defence Minister Edgar Ngo’o confirmed the news in Yaounde.

“The attack took place in Fotokol, a town in the country’s Far North region bordering Nigeria.The insurgents killed 82 muslims as well as six Cameroonian and 13 Chadian soldiers.The figure will definitely rise given the rather large number of wounded people, some of them lying critically in the hospital.”

Another attack was the Islam holiest cities in Saudi Arabia that was rocked with explosion after a suicide bomber killed four security operatives and several others
However, there are over a billion Muslims in the world, and the great majority of them are peaceful, moderate practitioners of mainstream Islam.

It has been observed and confirmed that the Muslims who have succumbed to violence are motivated by politics, not religion. They only use Islam as a shade for coverup.

The word “jihad” has different misinterpreted meanings. It can be translated to “holy war,” but its primary meaning is “struggle,” and in the Quran, this refers to the internal and external effort to be a good Muslim without violence.
An islamic authority, Asheed Amir said,

“The only way for the world to get rid of these terrorists is for the West and its allies to support the mainstream Muslims who are in the clear majority to defeat these terrorists. We, Muslims, all over the world, must raise to the occasion. We must spare no effort in fighting these groups to their kneels. We must do anything and everything within our power to defeat these terrorist”

The recent attacks that occur around the holiest sites in Islam have confirmed to the world yet again that the terrorist groups are not only unislamic, but they are also after Islam. Genuine Muslims believe in the notion that Islam is a religion of love and peace.

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