At a time when our decision-makers, who are in bondage of weapons manufacturers’ antichrist, blood-drinking lobbyists, are pushing us towards World War Three (The end of life as we know it now), we, the peaceful, moral and conscientious majority, are hereby raising our family peace flag in declaring to the strongest terms possible, our opposition to all conflicts/wars, home and abroad.
At the same vein, we are also declaring to the strongest terms possible our opposition to the proliferation and manufacturing of weapons of mass elimination. We are also declaring to the strongest terms possible that no nation is our enemy, and therefore we refused to be packaged by belligerent politicians, lying pundits, trumped up media, antichrist lobbyists and misleading war-hogs as enemies of any group, people, religion, culture or sociopolitical philosophy. We are one global family with different attributes who celebrate diversity, justice and peaceful coexistence. We refused conflicts in our names, moreso for profit and for strategic conflicts.
My liking and sharing this ‘Freedom Declaration’ affirms my signature on the aforementioned declaration, because I’m a conscientious member of the peaceful, moral majority. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
One Human Family Flag:
This flag represents Adam (red), Eve (pink), and their offspring (green). #onehumanfamilyflag
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