Breaking: Peace December launched in Somaliland


Yesterday April 22nd 2017, Peace December, an international organisation based in Bronx NYC, launched a new chapter in Somaliland, a de facto self-declared independent state located in the region of the Horn of Africa. The launching was done at the inauguration gathering of the chapter’s National Executive Members (NEM).

According to the Founder, Mutiu Olawuyi, Peace December Somaliland (PDSL) is set to carry out the mission of Peace December headquarters in the USA, which was co-founded by Sheikh Musa Drammeh (SMD) who keenly believes that no man or any other living creatures on earth should live without enjoying and sharing peace with other living creatures around them.

“Peace December has done a lot of remarkable effort in peace advocacy across the globe – most especially in Africa. Its activities has brought peace to some regions in countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Uganda, Mali and a host of others. And with the support of the global stakeholders of the organisation who are keenly interested in bringing lasting peace to the Horn of Africa, I have no doubt that Somaliland would soon become a model of peaceful co-existence in the region,” said PDSL President, Mutiu Olawuyi.

In his response to MCR correspondent in the Horn of Africa, Sheikh M. Drammeh said that he believes the activities and impact of Peace December are seriously needed in the region, most especially now that it is faced with critical issues like domestic violence, feudal crisis, war and drought.

“That area certainly needs Peace December. Most people from the outside are unfamiliar with the region and the challenges people of the region face. I’m glad that one of our strong representatives in Africa is there at this critical time. We shall involve more stakeholders here and work hand in hand with the team there to address critical  issues so as to stamp lasting peace in that region,” said Peace December Worldwide Chairman, Sheikh Musa Drammeh.

The newly inaugurated leading team of the organization promised to work tirelessly to uphold and accomplish the mission of Peace December not only in Somaliland but also across the region.

“We are pleased to join Peace December at this critical stage. And we pledge to actively contribute contribute our God given talents and strength to bring lasting peace to the country and the entire region of the Horn of Africa. Apart from tackling the issue of natural disaster in the region, we want to focus on the youths because rehabilitating the violent ones and engaging them in peace advocacy would go a long way in bringing lasting peace to the region,” said Ismail Abdirahman Ahmed, PDSL Executive Director.


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