Namibia caution against Racist Behaviour


Racial discrimination is a forbidden and acceptable act in many parts of the world. It is normal to discriminate racially in some areas which needs to be corrected. As a matter of fact, racial discrimation contribute to economic downfall in terms of peace sustainability.

However, it has been confirmed that racial discrimination is a serious offence in Namibia and whoever is caught in the act will face the full wrath of the law. Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said that the citizens should caution themselves on the act.

Just of recent, Kanguatjivi was asked by people to respond to the incident that took place at Windpomp 14 Bar and Bistro last weekend in which apparently intoxicated patron Willem de Klerk allegedly publicly racially abused a couple of security guards, calling them “baboons” in an expletive-laden tirade.

The incident took place when the security guards approached De Klerk over his behaviour at the venue he was warned to behave or to leave, as there were families around for peaceful gathering. At this point, De Klerk’s conduct was captured on a mobile phone and has gone viral on social media, attracting widespread condemnation all around the world. Many people commented that his act was unlawful and should be arrested. Many also stated that “at this stage in life, racism should go into extinction”.

In addition, De Klerk was approached for comment but he did not respond. No charge of racial discrimination has been laid against him yet. Erongo crime investigations coordinator deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu stated that the incident would have been thoroughly investigated if charges been laid by the victims.

As a result, De Klerk, however, was reported to have responded that he regretted his behaviour and has apologised to all those affected, including the security guards, his family and friends. He said he didn’t realise how bad racism has been criticized and crucified until after the incident.

However, Namibia Rock and Surf Angling Association, in an official statement, said that it would investigate the incident and won’t allow it die down just like that. It further said that racism has to be controlled and stopped.

“The NRSAA, on the highest level, would like to clearly state that it does not condone this type of behaviour. Should this individual or member club be found guilty of these alleged offences, necessary disciplinary steps will be implemented,” the statement reads.

In addition, Windpomp 14’s Bertus Struwig also published a statement on behalf of the owners, management, security and staff condemning the incident and apologising, saying: “I’m totally amazed that we still have such human elements in this great country. Whilst we cannot wish you away, our doors will always be closed to you. The sign ‘not welcome’ should have your name on.”

The whole condemnation of racism in Namibia should stand as a stepping stone for other racist countries. This act is unethical and should be condemned. Only if this is done, the world will live at peace.

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