Ghana’s Muntari walks off field after racist chants in Italy


Despite the “progress” in culture, science and technology, racism, tribalism, nationalism, colonialism and the caste system, these have been responsible for the death of over 62 million human beings in the last 100 years

Recently, a Ghanaian international footballer, Sulley Ali Muntari, walked off the pitch after racist chants were directed at him in the Italian top flight league, the Serie A. He was emotional about the act and couldn’t control himself.

He plays for Pescara in the Italian league. It was reported that he has complained about racist chants towards him but instead of proffering solution, he was booked for complaining about racist chanting.

In an interview after the incident, the player defended his action after the game:
“What am I supposed to do? Just stand there and let it go? That sets a bad culture. We need this to stop.”

Reports indicate that he has also received a one-match ban for unceremoniously leaving the pitch. The opposing team, whose fans supposedly abused the player however escaped punishment.

In addition, the former AC Milan player’s action has been widely hailed with the United Nations Human Rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein hailing him as an “inspiration”.

Also, Juventus legend alessandro del piero is in support of the Ghanaian International footballer, Sulley Muntari after he chose to walk off the field. He explained that the racist act has to stop.

United Nations top official explained that FIFA needed to pay greater attention to the persistent problem of racism at games.

“On my missions in many parts of the world, I see human rights defenders who are an inspiration to all of us, here at the U.N. Human Rights office, and they can help prevent the erosion of hard-won human rights principles. We need to see more done when it comes to expressions of racism at international or even national football grounds,” Zeid said.

It has been confirmed that Italy and part of the footballing world continue to struggle to stamp out racist chants at games. Inability to control the crowds’ emotions result to racist chants.

As one of the fight against racism, FIFA last week fined Argentina, Mexico and Brazil for homophobic chants by their fans during recent matches.

FIFPro, a body that defends and fights for the rights of about 65,000 professional footballers worldwide also defended the player and called for action on clamping down on racist fans.

Some human right activists said that Muntari is an inspiration, for leaving the pitch in protest after the player was booked for complaining about racist chanting. Most people feel that the act of racist chants during sport has to stop because it will invent a psychological instability in whoever is involved which will definately result to poor performance and outcome.

Muntari’s act was condemned and appreciated by concerned people. However, the act of racism has to stop. The world has grown beyond such act. The occurrence of this act will affect the world’s peace and harmony.

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